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The morning show, New Hampshire Today, with Jack Heath, is a 3 hour discussion of the topics that our New Hampshire listeners want and need to know more about. As former News Director and Vice President of WMUR-TV in New Hampshire, and as a former TV reporter in Boston and in Maine, Jack has a unique and varied background in the news media and business.

Jack likes to talk politics from his conservative point of view but unlike other talk show hosts, he likes to hear from others who disagree with him. He listens respectfully without the ranting and raving some listeners find to be a turnoff.

For more information on the NH Today show, Jack, and other programs please visit the WGIR website.

About Jack Heath

Jack HeathAs former News Director and
VP of WMUR-TV and as a
TV reporter for
WCVB-TV in Boston and
WABI-TV in Maine, Heath brings a varied background in news and politics.

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